Driving Courses

Complete 10 (15 hours driving theory – in class or online – and 10 hours practical)*

 $699 (plus GST)

This provincially approved driving course consists of 15 hours of classroom driving theory and 10 hours of in-car training. When a student successfully completes both the driving theory and in-car training they will receive a certificate that can be used for insurance reduction purposes. The certificate tells the insurance company that this person has the equivalent of three years of excellent driving experience. This is why the standard for passing the driving course is significantly higher than the standard for passing the class 5 GDL road test.

Please note: Students with minimal driving experience will almost always need more than 10 hours to meet the requirements for the driving course. In this case students will have the option to purchase additional hours at a reduced rate.

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Complete Refresher (Hourly in-car training)

$65/hr (GST Included)

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In this lesson the student will be assessed by the instructor and provided instruction and direction based on the student’s abilities. This would be perfect for the student wants to refresh his or her driving skills prior to doing the class 5 GDL, class 5 non-GDL, or class 4 road tests.

*All classes include free pick up in Red Deer.

The minimum number of hours required for a provincially accredited driver training course is 15 hours in-class and 10 hours in-car.

Did you know? 


Alberta Transportation recommends 30-40 hours of practice before a student is ready for his or her
road test? If a student has had plenty of experience prior to driving lessons, often 10 hours of in-car lessons are sufficient to meet the requirements for the driving course. On the other hand, if the student has minimal driving experience, it is very unlikely that he or she will, with only 10 hours of in-car lessons, acquire the necessary skills to meet the requirements for the driving course.

It is best that students have the opportunity to practice their new found skills in between their lessons. If students aren’t able to do this then it is advisable that they consider a 15 or 20 hour course in order to obtain more guided practice. One is able to purchase extra driving hours at a reduced rate.