Class 7 Test Prep

Students preparing for the class 7 learners test are welcome to attend the classroom portion of the class 5 driver training course.

The teaching, discussion, and practice tests will help students be more than ready for the learners test.

We have courses coming up on the following days:

November 9 and 10 – 9:00-5:00

November 5, 7, 19, and 21- 5:45-9:30

December 18 and 15 – 9:00-5:00

December 4, 6, 18, and 20 – 5:45-9:30

Students who complete this can also use this towards the class 5 driver training program if they so choose.

Thanks D2L! My daughter took your Class 7 classes in Feb and got her learners first try Friday morning!! She will be back for more when it’s Class 5 time” Lori M.

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