Is Driver Training Worth It?

about_usPeople often wonder if driver training is worth the cost. Of course a person receives training that will help them become confident, aware, and technically proficient drivers. Insurance companies recognize the benefit of driver training for all drivers. This is why they will typically offer discounts to people who taken a provincially accredited course from a licensed driving school.

Consider the following scenario:

The vehicle: 2011 Ford Focus SE

DOB: April 25, 2000

Usage: 8km commute one-way, 15000km annual mileage

Coverage: $2,000,000 liability, $500 collision, $500 comprehensive, $1,500 loss of use and $40,000 rental coverage.

With DT Without DT Annual Savings X3 Years
Male With collision coverage $4,840 $5,366 $526 $1,578
  Without collision coverage $1,966 $2,158 $192 $576
Female With collision coverage $2,624 $3,856 $1,232 $3,696
Without collision coverage $1,394 $1,904 $510 $1,530

These are annual premiums multiplied by 3 years since that is the number of years credit received from the driver training certificate. In most cases the savings are quite substantial. When one considers that driver training courses can range from $650-$750 for a basic 10 hour course, it is apparent that the cost of the lessons are made up insurance savings.

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