School Bus Safety

Considering their cargo, school bus safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they are driving. It is a sad state we are in when our business of life and haste is more important than the safety of a child. According to the rules of the road when a school bus’ lights are flashing red a driver is to stop no closer than 20 meters to the front or the rear of the bus. If the lights are flashing yellow then drivers are to slow down and cautiously pass the bus.

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I am sure we have all done some stupid things behind the wheel but I think this lady might just win the prize dumbest move behind the wheel.

While there may be a few drivers who simply do not know that what they are doing is wrong, for the most part, those who are flying by the school bus while the red lights are flashing know better. The most dangerous person on the road is the one who is only thinking of him or herself. Everything is about them and their family. What they want, where they need to go is more important than anything else, even the safety of someone else’s children. Of course we know that these same inward looking people would be shaking their fists in fury, shouting death threats at other drivers if their own children were almost run over.

Once we stop looking inward and start thinking about the safety of others there is a better chance that we will all get home safely.

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