Dangers of the Parallel Park

The greatest fear of many students preparing for their class five GDL road test is the dreaded parallel park. This maneuver isn’t that difficult and certainly isn’t dangerous. Despite this, parallel parking still insights fear in the hearts of new drivers. Many are surprised at how easy it once they have been taught the correct technique. More than a few people have vowed to never attempt another once they have completed their road test. I’ve known people who will circle the block for several minutes waiting for a spot that they can drive straight into.

The first step is signalling to the right as you approach the spot where you would like to park. Of course you need to be sure the spot you are choosing is large enough to fit your vehicle. Signally to the right as you approach the parking spot will let those behind you know you intend to park and will warn them to keep a few car lengths back when you stop and prepare to reverse. Without this it is entirely possible the vehicle behind will not realize your intention and will stop close behind making it impossible to back up.

Back up lights

Once you have stopped your vehicle and put it in reverse, the people approaching from behind should recognize your intention as your white back up lights will be on. You may still have drivers who pull up behind you even though you have take these precautions to alert them. In this case just wait and they (hopefully) will simply go around you when it is safe for them to do so. In the rare case you may have to actually continue on finding another space.

The following video demonstrates just how straight forward doing a parallel park really is.

If a person wants to take their driving to the next level, they can learn to parallel park like this.